Land of the Gods (E6)

The Khanate

A vast realm, mostly made up of sprawling, grassy plains crossed by rivers and mountains. United by the Great Khan over a century ago with the aid of the goddess Mananna and her followers, the Khanate is now in turmoil.

Less than a year ago the Great Khan ‘died’ retreating into the realm of Mananna and having her followers declare that he had passed on. His goal here is to test his Heirs, of which there are slightly less than a hundred, the Great Khan being a most virile individual blessed by Air with a vast amount of a mystical substance called Breath. The Heirs are a mix of male and female, old and young and both loyal to the Khanate or devoted to foreign powers and gods.

The Heirs are currently locked in increasingly open conflict as they seek to either remove all their siblings or gain the blessing of Mananna’s high priest. They have no idea that the chosen Heir already exists, the strange demi-mortal child of the Great Khan and Mananna herself.

Gods of the Khanate

Mananna – the Lady of the Fountain, a goddess who long dwelt in the mountains which now form the heartland of the Khanate. Her followers now present her to be a deity of civilisation, cities and empires, but until the arrival of the Khan she was ruled little more than a mountain village and seemed content with it. She submitted to the Khan when he arrived and has woven her faithful into the very fabric of the Khanate. May be a loyal servant of the Khan, or may be using him for her own ends.
Ukhel – a god of glorious death, he only accepts women into his priesthood and expects them to walk battlefields in funeral garb, serving as his eyes and either claiming the souls of the dying or healing them so they can fight again. He gathers the souls of the glorious death and holds them sleeping in his god realm for purposes he does not share, though officially they live a second life of constant deathless combat and feasting.
??? – a Chaos Aligned trickster and invader who used to wander from land to land, spreading disorder and causing nothing but trouble. Once fought the Khan directly in the guise of a barbarian chieftain and was soundly beaten, now he lingers seeking the change to undermine the Khanate.

The Clear Sea

The Clear Sea is a vast freshwater ocean lined with a mix of city states and larger kingdoms beyond which stretch vast swathes of wilds.

A major influence on all the nations of the Clear Sea is the city of Gevura, ruled by the great god Quelas. The city is the heart of much of the trade across the region and its culture has at least some influence in most of the other nations, with Gevuran serving as the main trade language, the use of Gevuran Marks as the most widely accepted currency, and the best maps being produced by the cartographers of the church of Quelas.

The heart of the Sea is full of tiny islands and drifting icebergs, dangerous to sail but a favoured location for Water Attuned and pirates.

Gods of the Clear Sea

Quelas – an Order Aligned deity of the Sun and domination, to see him is to love him. His church is a powerful bureaucratic force and the main, but hidden, controlling interest in the cities large slave markets. Gained his divinity from a lesser known god who once dwelt in the region.
The Storm Lord – a pirate who became a god, it is unclear if he was Attuned to Water before he became a god. The Storm Lord travels the oceans wrapped in a great tornado, causing and unleashing storms which sweep out from the heart of the Sea to ravage the coasts.
The Sky Admiral – an Air Attuned deity, she rides on a vast cloud vessel and is attended by anywhere from a few to many dozen manifestations of Air at any given time. Hunts the Storm Lord for his crimes, has an uneasy alliance with Quelas thanks to their shared desire for stability in the region.

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