Land of the Gods (E6)

The Clear Sea is a vast freshwater ocean lined with a mix of city states and larger kingdoms beyond which stretch vast swathes of wilds.

A major influence on all the nations of the Clear Sea is the city of Gevura, ruled by the great god Quelas. The city is the heart of much of the trade across the region and its culture has at least some influence in most of the other nations, with Gevuran serving as the main trade language, the use of Gevuran Marks as the most widely accepted currency, and the best maps being produced by the cartographers of the church of Quelas.

The heart of the Sea is full of tiny islands and drifting icebergs, dangerous to sail but a favoured location for Water Attuned and pirates.

Gods of the Clear Sea

Quelas – an Order Aligned deity of the Sun and domination, to see him is to love him. His church is a powerful bureaucratic force and the main, but hidden, controlling interest in the cities large slave markets. Gained his divinity from a lesser known god who once dwelt in the region.
The Storm Lord – a pirate who became a god, it is unclear if he was Attuned to Water before he became a god. The Storm Lord travels the oceans wrapped in a great tornado, causing and unleashing storms which sweep out from the heart of the Sea to ravage the coasts.
The Sky Admiral – an Air Attuned deity, she rides on a vast cloud vessel and is attended by anywhere from a few to many dozen manifestations of Air at any given time. Hunts the Storm Lord for his crimes, has an uneasy alliance with Quelas thanks to their shared desire for stability in the region.



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